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3 Nutritional Cornerstones To Looking And Feeling Your Best

Hey there!

My last three blog posts focused on the 3 cornerstones of Neurochemical Nutrition using case studies to ‘get things on the court’.


Here’s a recap!

– chocolate, caffeine, cookies, ice-cream… the list can be long. In this post, see how Neuro Nutrient Therapy put this client on track to experience both near AND long term relief from sugar cravings.

Gas, bloating, heartburn…certainly not fun to talk about. And definitely necessary to deal with if you’re going to feel your best. Here we take a dive into the Gut/Brain Axis, where you can find relief from digestive woes AND experience the surprising benefit of thinking more clearly.

Feeling overwhelmed, bogged down, and unproductive? The third and final cornerstone, Brain Mechanics gives you the keys to ‘unlock’ your brain.

These 3 areas of nutrition are why I will never look at nutrition the same way again.

My work is about getting up and under those things you ‘know’ to do with food and exercise, and giving you new found relief from those pesky cravings, chronic stomach issues, and/or that perpetual cycle of overwhelm.


To your Brilliance!


PS. If you find yourself puzzled by your cravings, thinking it’s time you’re heartburn move along its way, or aware you know what to do with nutrition – you’re just – not – doing – it, know that I’m but a message away!

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