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Here’s A Dose Of My Humanity That I’m A Little Embarrassed To Share…

I wanted to share this here on my blog, in case you’re not signed up for my newsletter.

It’s kinda funny.
And, it’s something we ALL do…

We make assumptions. We make stuff up. We get deflated. This is what I call ‘Brain Noise’ and it’s a piece of the work I do inside the cornerstone of Brain Mechanics.

Over the years, I’ve found my clients particularly appreciate hearing about my oh so human moments. It reminds them that they’re not alone. We – are – all – human, INCLUDING their coach *ahem – thank goodness for that!*.

This human experience is not about being ‘perfect’, it’s about being able to take your ding-dong moments, learn from them, laugh at them if you’re willing, and then move – it – along.

And so – from me to you – a dose of my humanity…


I’m on the phone with my steadfast and ever amazing marketing consultant, Lisa. We’re reviewing the new website and I say to her:

It’s interesting. I’ve heard from a number of people that they really DIG the new website! And they’re liking the blog as well.

Yet, I’m concerned. Not one person has signed up for the newsletter. And I feel sad. No, ACTUALLY – I feel like a loser. *HEAVY sigh*

I’ve been waiting for someone to sign up, so I can begin writing my newsletter. I mean, why write it – if there’s no one to read it – right? So I’ve been focusing forward. Writing for the blog. Sharing on FB. Coaching clients. All the while, w-a-i-t-i-n-g for that ‘first notification’ to come through that someone has FiNALLY said YES to being on my newsletter list.”

For the past 5 years, I’ve been at work on a new model for nutrition. This model is producing unprecedented results for my clients. And it’s time to ‘up my game’ in what I’m doing with my business. With the recent launch of my new website, NOT having anyone sign up for my newsletter was like a failure right ‘out of the chute’.

My brain was chiming in with a cascade of thoughts: ‘Do people want to hear from me? Maybe they don’t REALLY like the site or my opt-in? Or worse yet, perhaps people just don’t like me nor what I have to say?! *this STINKS!* Maybe what I’m talking about is too complex. I should just close up shop, and go get a job working at Starbuck’s. At least they offer great benefits…’

Good Lord.

THIS is sometimes how we ARE – as people.

We go down the rabbit hole of ‘make believe cr*p’. And this cr*p has nothing to do with reality. Yet, it effects us.

Often, it leaves us disempowered or feeling ineffective in life. And here’s the kicker – how to escape this ‘rabbit hole’ experience, is something I’m really good at! In fact, it’s a key part of the work I do. And, as embarrassing as it is to admit, I fell into the trap. So, back to my conversation with Lisa…

Lisa says, “Hmmm. Hang on a sec (I can hear her clicking away on her computer). Yep. That’s what I thought. Your newsletter list is well under way and you’ve got people subscribed! It looks like your email was never connected to the notification set up. Let me change that now.”

Me, laughing and exclaiming at the same time: “WHAT!?! THAT is hilarious! The stress I’ve been ‘dealing with’ around waiting… Seriously Milisen!?! Ha. WHAT a relief!

Out of the conversation with Lisa, I notice a wave of relief, annoyance (!), AND anticipation.

  • Relief that people are seeing something of interest on the site, and that they’re wanting to stay in touch.
  • Annoyance that my email was never connected to the account in the first place. And that I got caught in that damn ‘rabbit hole’
  • And anticipation about NOW having people to be sending newsletters TO *hot DAMN!*

And so, it begins!

If you’re not signed up for my newsletter, click here if you’re interested in receiving more updates like this in your inbox.

My newsletter is a way for me to stay in communication and in touch with people like you.

You can expect to hear from me on average a couple times a month, as I share what I’m discovering through my ongoing research and work with clients around health and nutrition. I’ll also be sharing with you about upcoming events and things I’m at work on.

Right now, I’m focused on cravings. Specifically, deconstructing them. I’ve been working with clients to experience TRUE ease, relief, AND freedom from the ‘grips’ of cravings. More to come in (you guessed it!) my next newsletter.

Also, Here’s a simple and quick cravings survey on FB. If you have yet to do so, please take a few minutes to ‘fill it out’. I’d love to hear from YOU!

Thank you again for being here. It means a LOT. You see, I do what I do – for people like you. And it’s my intention that my newsletter (and this blog) supports you in experiencing a level of ease, relief, and freedom when it comes to your body, food, and overall health. AND that you have a sh*t ton of fun along the way. So if you haven’t yet signed up, I hope you do!

Looking forward to being in touch!

To your brilliance,


PS. If you’re feeling like cravings have got a hold on you, then let’s chat and get you some ready relief.

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