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Cravings Are Your Body’s Way Of Telling You What Your Brain Needs.
  • You purchase the latest Sugar Detox Diet, as you declare ’THIS is it! I’m taking on the ol’ sugar monster! *ahem* Again!’
  • One more exercise plan, thwarted by your choice to binge watch House of Cards on Netflix rather than get yo’ *ss to the gym.
  • A bin full of leafy green vegetables that spoil in the refrigerator while you nosh on that pint of Ben and Jerry’s salted caramel ice cream.

Sound familiar?


Most of us deal with ’em.

And they can sure as sh*t be puzzling. Especially, because you KNOW what ‘to do’, and yet your cravings have a sneaky way of often ‘taking over’. *ugh!* Perhaps you find yourself making one exception here or there: ‘I’ll just have a bite of cake’; ‘Ok. Just one more glass of wine…’.

Be it a hankering for a bite of ice cream, or an unyielding desire to eat an entire cheesecake – cravings don’t have to be cause for suffering. In fact, they can be some seriously COOL indicators of what’s going on in your body AND brain.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve seen people like you (smart, successful, committed to feeling great…) struggle with cravings.

The general trend is that one exception, leads to another – and another… Until, at some point you take a drastic measure to ‘eliminate caffeine forever’, or ‘cut sugar out altogether’ (think New Year’s Resolutions to stop eating ‘sugar’ or ditch the ‘Diet Coke’, only to find those sneaky little bastards making their way back into your day to day routine).

Usually, your cravings return. And often with a vengeance.

This extreme ‘cold turkey’ action RARELY works.

It’s not practical.
Nor is it sustainable.

And ultimately, the cycle of trying to ‘kick your sugar habit’ (or the like) proves disempowering, frustrating, and most often disheartening. You might even hear yourself saying, ‘How ‘come I can run a successful company, but I can’t get relief from my GD sugar cravings?!?’.

Imagine what it would be like to break free of this cycle. *cue up angels singing from ‘above’…*

By getting to the ‘root’ of what is going on in your brain and with your body, you CAN experience TRUE ease, relief, AND freedom from the ‘grips’ of your cravings. AND have FUN (!?!) to boot! *If you’re wondering what the h*ll would have cravings be FUN?! Keep reading….*

Enter – Project ‘Deconstructing Cravings’.

Over the next few months, I’m going to be diving into the WORLD of cravings. Using the three cornerstones of Neurochemical Nutrition as the backdrop, you will learn what you’re cravings are telling you about your body and your brain. And how to experience relief, ease and freedom from your cravings – EVEN those that have ‘befuddled you for all too long’.

Here’s some of what we’re going to explore:

  • Why you crave various foods, drinks, substances – and how to experience relief (both near AND loooooong term).
  • What’s behind your cravings neurochemically, and what you can do to shift things – literally – in seconds.
  • What your digestion has to do with your cravings.
  • How to kick caffeine without getting a headache *for REALZ!*
  • Why it’s common to crave salty crunchy snack foods (Lays, Fritos, fresh fried french fries anyone?), especially when you’re stressed. And a few simple solutions!
  • The one thing that I’ve seen most often MISSING when it comes to experiencing fundamental relief from sugar cravings.
  • How to use the way you’re feeling to support you in shifting your food choices. And the reverse.
  • How giving your brain what it NEEDS, is key to being able to silence that inner critic that’s always ‘commenting’ on what you ‘should or should not’ be eating. *WHAT a relief!*
  • Why ‘binge watching’ qualifies as a type of craving, and how based upon what you’re watching (!?!), it can be a key indicator of what your body and brain TRULY desire.

And why am I saying this can all actually be FUN?!? Well, consider…

  • Experiencing RELIEF without suffering (yes, it really IS possible to skip caffeine without a headache OR a drop in energy) is a RIDICULOUSLY fun experience…
  • The process of discovery is a necessary part of being fulfilled as a human. As you ‘lift up the rocks and look underneath’ what’s up with YOUR particular cravings, it’s like a customized exploration into what your bod and brain are telling you.
  • Going it together, is WAY more fun than slogging through and ‘figuring this sh*t out’ on your own! In fact, I frickin’ DIG this stuff, and I’m YOUR champion in translating what your bod is telling you.
  • ‘Flipping the Neurochemical Switch’ on your cravings, you’ll notice a boost in your sense of humor (even for you serious ones out there, you might notice yourself smiling at things that previously would have left you annoyed), and your willingness to have FUN along the way (this ‘ain’t no joke’ *grin*, it’s all in your ‘brain’!).

So, I’m interested in knowing – what cravings are challenging YOU? Please take a few moments to fill out this simple survey on FB.

And if you want to be kept in the loop about deconstructing cravings, be sure to sign up for my newsletter. Good things come to those on this list! *xo!*

To your Brilliance!


PS. Truth be told, cravings are one of the biggest things that I see people grapple with when it comes to feeling their absolute BEST. So if you’re one such person, and you’re ready for some relief, know that I’m but a message away!

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