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 Want some support in sleuthing out your cravings?

That’s understandable! Get on my list for the upcoming ‘Deconstructing Your Cravings’ course.

This is a new program I’ve designed to support you in connecting the dots around YOUR cravings.

And it’s gonna be fun, informative, and seriously empowering.

  • Do you find yourself craving French fries late at night?
  • What IS it about that pint of Ben & Jerry’s that has it quell your anxiety?
  • You know cheese is a trigger food for you, it tastes SO good! Yet when you eat it, you feel congested and tired. Yet the thought of ‘giving it up’ fills you with dread. Why is that and what can you do about it?
  • You know coffee isn’t the answer, but without it you can’t function. What is it that your brain is trying to tell you?
  • How come you can finish a delicious meal and feel completely satisfied. And then smell popcorn and not resist the temptation to indulge?
  • What IS it about these foods that your body is ACTUALLY asking for? This goes beyond just ‘eat more vegetables’ or ‘get more exercise’…

Put your name on the early registration list and you’ll not only get to sign up before the general public, you’ll save some moolah on the cost of registration.

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