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Digestive Problems Making You Feel Embarrassed?

Ugh. Feeling embarrassed by your gas? Or your bloated stomach?

Digestive problems. There is nothing fun about ’em.

Or conversely, diarrhea.

When you feel the rumble in your gut announcing the wicked gas that is going to follow *ahem* thanks to the side of black beans you had with dinner last night, or that telling ‘burn’ in your throat as your breakfast coffee and eggs start to light up your heartburn, these ‘woes’ can be not only uncomfortable but embarrassing. Am I right?

And yes, I KNOW – most people, don’t like to walk around saying, ‘Hey – I’ve got the WORST gas EVER!’. Or perhaps, ‘WHOA! I’ve got some SERIOUS heartburn. *unless of course, you’re six years old and talking about gas is what LIFE is all about*

Yet, if any of the above ring true for you, be it intermittent woes or chronic issues – know that you’re not alone.

In fact, over the years I’ve found on average 8 out of 10 people (yep – 80%!!!) are dealing with digestive problems. Chances are good, you might be one of these people.

So what do Digestive Problems have to do with Neurochemical Nutrition?

Learn more about neurochemical nutrition at PerfectBrilliance.comQuite simply, what happens in your brain effects what’s happening in your digestion (gut)…and the reverse.

Every time.
No exceptions.

In fact, digestive problems and symptoms are fundamental indicators that something is off kilter. And where there are digestive problems, there are almost always symptoms of brain chemistry imbalances (ex: exhaustion, lack of focus, wonky sleep patterns…).

While commercials for antacids and the ‘little purple pill’ abound, these things are NOT a solution.

Be it you, or someone you know – I implore you to listen up: These ’things’ are bandaids, that in certain situations might prove useful for short term relief. However, in my experience people that are using such things usually have no idea that there is another way. As a result of using these products over – and over – and over…you can seriously f*ck up your body’s basic digestive processes. Essentially overriding your body’s cues that something is off with your digestion.

So if you want relief from digestive problems like gas, bloating, heartburn; desire ease of elimination; are interested in having a clear and focused mind, pants that fit again; and a return to healthy sleep patterns (what?! sleep and my gut are connected??? Yep. You better believe it.), then it’s time to check your gut.

In this case, going with ‘your gut’ is more than just a figure of speech. It’s a paradigm shift. And, it can be – literally – life altering. Both in the near term. And over the long haul.

So let’s look at this on the court.

Digestive issues making you feel embarrassed?

Digestive Problems – Case Study:

Lisa* contacted me and said,

“I really want to get a handle on how I feel. I’m noticing my ability to focus at work has been coming and going over the past 6-9 months. This is a problem. I’m also noticing my sleep is inconsistent and I’ve been drinking too much wine as it helps me relax at night. Oh, and I’ve been dealing with digestive problems, specifically a LOT of  gas and bloating. Foods that used to NOT cause me any trouble, now DO. I don’t know what’s going on!?!”

Neurochemical Nutrition Approach – To support Lisa in thinking and focusing more clearly, we FIRST needed to address her recent digestive problems.

During our 1st call (part of the Brain/Body Jumpstart package), we went over a specific plan to alleviate gas and bloating.

She then reported to me over the next few days:

“When I do the things we talked about, I notice a difference in how I feel after eating…”

Then about a week later we did a follow up call. Lisa said,

“I’m doing a LOT better. Specifically, I notice less gas and bloating. AND I feel energized! I’m also noticing that my mind is more clear, and things are coming to me easier at work…”

We discussed what was happening and the ‘why’s’ behind her experience of relief. And from there, we were able to move her to the next level of support.

Fact of the matter – your body is brilliant. And when it comes to digestive problems, there is a way to translate what your body is telling you. The end result? You get to breathe easy as you experience both immediate and long term relief. How – about – THAT?!?

To your Brilliance!


PS. Digestive problems are no fun. So if you happen to be someone that is ready for relief, remember I’m but a message away.

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*Name has been changed…

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