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Feeling Overwhelmed? Let’s Talk Brain Mechanics

Feeling overwhelmed?

Bogged down.
Not thinking clearly.
Being unproductive.

These are all common symptoms that your brain is ‘locked’.

And THIS gets in the way of you being productive. In fact, when you feel overwhelmed it can sometimes be hard to even find the motivation to get out of bed in the morning (snooze button anyone?).

So if you’re interested in feeling fan-FRICKIN-tastic AND being wildly productive, then let’s get ‘heady’ (literally) and deal with yo’ brain.

Enter, ‘Brain Mechanics’

How Neuronutrient therapy could be THE key to finally getting relief from cravings.As a reminder, Neurochemical Nutrition gets up and UNDER Traditional Nutrition . Today, we’re gonna dive into the 3rd and final cornerstone of Neurochemical Nutrition – ‘Brain Mechanics’.

When your brain is overloaded with things to do and manage, it’s like locking up your computer by running 100+ programs at the same time. Things slow down. And stop working.

This DIRECTLY effects your neurochemical profile and subsequently your ability to think, perform, feel powerful, and be effective.

Get a handle on this area of Neurochemical Nutrition, and you’ll notice your digestion is working more effectively (ex. relief from heartburn, gas, bloating); your appetite will regulate; and your cravings settle down, allowing you to have a sip of wine without having to down the whole damn bottle.

So let’s get this on the court…

Case Study:

John, an IT Project Manager and former endurance athlete says to me:

“My wife and I just had twins and I’m EXHAUSTED. Between the babies, our toddler, my wife who is struggling with Post Partum depression, my job, too little sleep…I can barely think. Lately, I haven’t really been hungry nor do I seem to care WHAT I’m eating. And even more problematic, I have NO energy or desire to move my body. Exercise has historically been my go-to for stress management. My performance at work is suffering, and I don’t know how to break the cycle.’

Neurochemical Nutrition Approach: As I was talking with John, I could tell his brain was essentially ‘locked’. It was as though his computer had TOO many programs running, and he was caught in a downward spiral of exhaustion (physical, mental, and emotional – ever felt that way?).

Ultimately, it was as though his neurochemical and hormonal profile were stuck in a seemingly perpetual state of ‘stress’.

BEFORE we could even talk about direct neuronutrient or digestive support (or ANYTHING pertaining to food, supplements, exercise, etc.) we had to shift his brain space to give him DIRECT access to being well.

During our consult session (brain/body jumpstart), John learned how to immediately alleviate some of his mental exhaustion and brain fog.

As his neurochemistry shifted, he IMMEDIATELY began to experience a level of relief and forward momentum both pertaining to work and in his personal life.

Only THEN, was John ready to begin addressing nutrition and exercise…

Here’s what he had to say about our conversation:

“THAT was cool. What you do is SO much more than ‘just nutrition’. I thought we would be talking about supplements and food. And I’m glad we went in a new direction. I feel RELIEF. And can see what there is for me to do…”

Your body is brilliant. And when it comes to feeling overwhelmed, there is a way to ‘free up’ your brain and provide relief for you and your body that is both fascinating AND effective.

THIS is why I love what I do. Every week, I get to work with clients like this. And these kinds of results, really DO happen. How amazing is that??!

To your Brilliance!


PS. Feeling overwhelmed and bogged down can suck the life out of you. If you happen to be someone that knows what to eat, and how to move – yet your NOT doing it…remember I’m but a message away.

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