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NCN 101 – Episode #3 – Why I Don’t Start With Food

One of the questions I often hear from people, ‘Will you tell me what to eat?’

As a nutritionist – I usually don’t start working with people like you around food. To tell the truth, you likely have a good idea of what to eat. And either you’re not eating what you ‘know to eat’, or ‘what you’re eating isn’t helping you to get the results you want’. My work, gets up and under what’s going on between your body and your brain. It’s kinda like putting the spark plugs back in your brain…

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why as a nutritionist, I don’t usually start working with my clients around food (hint: it doesn’t usually work!)
  • An illustration of the three layers of Traditional Nutrition, and why food isn’t the primary focus
  • The 3 cornerstones of Neuro Chemical Nutrition and which one has clients experiencing ridiculous results

Want more? AWESOME!

What IS Neurochemical Nutrition?
Sugar Craving RELIEF!

To your Brilliance!


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