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Q & A: (Video) Is There A Good One-a-Day Multi-Vitamin-Mineral In A Capsule?

I often get questions about food, supplements, body, energy… I’ll periodically be answering some of these questions via video.

Today, let’s dive in with my first Q & A video post!

Q: Is there such a thing as a good one a day Multi-Vitamin-Mineral (MVM) – in a capsule?

A: Yes, there is such a thing!

In the video I briefly address:

– Why it’s tough to find a good one a day mvm in a capsule (vs a tablet).
– Two brands that are good, and which one I think is overall a better product.

A couple other things to keep in mind:

  1. It can be overwhelming to have to choose from thousands (literally) of multi-vitamin-mineral products available. By having only 2 options in this video, you will likely notice a wave of relief. This is part of the ‘Brain Mechanics‘ side of Neurochemical Nutrition.
  2. If you’ve never taken a Multi-Vitamin-Mineral before, or you know you’ll only take a supplement once per day, then beginning with a One-a-Day MVM is a great 1st step *high five!*. For those of you that are ready to dive all in, then I recommend you take a MVM that has you take it 2-3 times per day. This supports your body in getting a steady stream of micro nutrient support throughout the day.

Resources from this video:

– Option #1 – Emerald Laboratories 1-A-Day Coenzymated Complete Multi-Vit/Min Capsules 
– Option #2 – Natrol My Favorite Multiple Iron Free Capsules

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