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Relief From Sugar Cravings Using NeuroNutrient Therapy

Ah yes. Sugar.

It’s sweet.


And for all too many – irresistible.

Be it the New Year and your resolution to kick the sugar habit; Lent and your declaration to give up chocolate; your upcoming HS reunion and the fact that you want to drop those extra pounds, etc. You’re well aware that if you can experience true relief from sugar cravings, you’re likely to lose weight, experience steady energy, gain relief from those achy joints… The list goes on. And on. AND on.

Yet, ditching ‘that there sugar habit’ is often easier ‘said’ than ‘done’.

Over the years, I’ve found that clients who are dealing with the seductive side of sugar and seeking relief from sugar cravings, have usually tried ‘an arsenal’ of diets, tools, and theories. They’re smart, and yet, time and again they find relief from sugar cravings to be short lived.

Want TRUE relief from sugar cravings? There – is – another – way!

<for you naysayers out there, stick with me on this one…>

When you get up and under what is going on with your body and brain using the fundamental cornerstones of Neurochemical Nutrition, it’s like putting the spark plugs back in your brain. And in the case of seeking relief from sugar cravings – your body will stop queuing you up to ‘eat sugar’ in all its forms. Leaving you free to have a bite of cake, without having to eat the whole – damn – thing.

Neuronutrient TherapyHere’s the deal: Your body and brain MUST have the building blocks necessary to produce and maintain a healthy level of neurochemicals.

CRAVINGS are an immediate indicator that your brain chemistry is skewed. 

No matter how much you try to eliminate your cravings (sugar, coffee, cheese, ice cream, wine, beer, cigarettes…), until you support your brain at the NeuroNutrient level you will continue to deal with cravings. Period.


Case Study:

Meredith* came to me because she was being run by sugar cravings.

“I can’t STOP eating sugar. I know that my problem lies within my brain. But I don’t know what to do. I have been on almost every diet plan out there. I even have several friends who are health professionals and they keep telling me to eat ‘CLEAN’, but I can only stick with a diet plan for a short time. Usually after a week, I’m back to my old patterns. I am – so – damn – discouraged! I’m about ready to completely give up.”

Neurochemical Nutrition Approach: Using my Neuro-Signature Assessment (part of the Brain/Body Reboot), I could see that Meredith was using sugar to directly effect three of her primary neuro-chemical production ‘needs’ (serotonin, dopamine, endorphins – you’ve heard of these, right?).

Specifically, she was using sugar to lift her mood, increase her energy (albeit short lived), and even using it to numb herself out physically and emotionally.

So – I put her on a NeuroNutrient plan that met her specific needs. And then worked with her to adjust and adapt her plan.

This is what happened:

Within 3 days:

“Today at work I had a few M&M’s but didn’t eat the whole bag like normal. I actually didn’t WANT them. Weird. And tonight after dinner, I didn’t want an ice cream bar. What is happening to me? I’m used to having to use willpower to resist sweets.”

Within 7 days:

“I am totally in awe. My body is simply not asking for sugar. And I’m finding a new level of energy. And get THIS! I’ve gone to the gym for the first time in years (!?!), I actually WANT to shop for healthy foods, and I’m FREE of stress and anxiety around what to eat. I keep giggling and wondering, how can this be???”

By the end of the 28 days:

“My WHOLE brain has shifted! I’m STILL not eating sugar!…All of the guilt around eating is gone and I’m more relaxed. I feel like a (real) person now”.

Over 6 months later:

“This blows me away – I’m no longer addicted to sugar…!”


Your body is brilliant. And when it comes to cravings, there is a way to translate what your body is telling you that is interesting, impactful, and *get THIS!* – FUN!?! In fact, I have an upcoming ‘Deconstruct Your Cravings’ course. It’s a new program I’ve designed to support you in connecting the dots around YOUR cravings. Put your name on the early registration list and you’ll not only get to sign up before the general public, you’ll save some moolah on the cost of registration. Drop your name on the list here.

Don’t want to wait for my upcoming course? Fantastic! I work with a select number of private clients every year to directly support them in deconstructing their cravings. Check out my services here.

To your Brilliance!


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*Name has been changed…

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