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Interested in working together?

Currently, I’m working with clients 1-on-1. Take a look at my program offerings below to see
which option lights – your – fire *yes!*. 

I’m also available to speak and deliver wellness talks and workshops. So if you and your staff
are ready for some seriously groovy ‘nutrition’, THIS is for you.  


Not sure where to begin? Drop me a message here and I’ll get back to you in a jif!

Brain/Body Jumpstart – $145

  • PERFECT for 1st time clients as an easy starting point.
  • FAB for seasoned clients, as a way to plug back in and/or stay on track.
  • Includes 45-60 Minute – 1:1 In Person Consultation (can be done in person or by phone).
  • 15-20 minute phone check in within 24 to 72 hours

"Working with Annemarie has been an empowering and amazing experience. Having her support along the way, kept things simple. She was like a translator for me (and what my body needed)." - Debra A.

"Annemarie creates an environment of trust and credibility right away... I experienced almost immediate results that were completely unexpected." - Anne C.

7 Day Brain/Body Reboot – $375

  • AWESOME for you if you’d like more time to focus and explore your questions, and are clear you could use more intensive direct support.
  • Includes an initial in-person 75-90 minute consultation, and an in-person 30 minute follow up appointment (within 7-10 days) to be sure you are supported in experiencing results (relief from cravings, increase in energy, improved focus, etc).
  • Initial Neuro-Signature Analysis ($295 value) – This is an amazing process, where you and I look at what is going on between your brain and your body, and then I work with you to ‘put the spark plugs’ back in your brain.
  • Health History Review ($125 value)
  • Customized supplement plan ($95 value)
  • Virtual support in between appointments ($95 value)
  • BONUS: If this is amazing for you, we love working together, AND you’re ready for MORE. Then I’ll take your investment, and roll it into one of my long term coaching programs. BOOM. How great is that???

"I found a sense of peace and relief as Annemarie guided me through this process with ease. I experienced immediate relief (literally, within minutes) and other results within 24-48 hours. The work we did was both efficient and effective."  - Heather C.

"I remember experiencing something shift with my energy and alertness within minutes of our first session. The work we did was one of the most effective things I've EVER done at moving my body toward health." - Andy G.

Hey honey pot! Want MORE?

Groovy!  I also do customized 3 month, 6 month, and VIP coaching programs. Heads up, these programs are ridiculously amazing. Contact me here to get the scoop.

Book A Free Discovery Session

This is the PERFECT place to begin, if you’re not quite sure what you need. Or where to begin.

It’s you. And me. Having a live conversation. A seriously cool concept, in this era of electronic communication.

In this call, we both will have an opportunity to see if what you’re looking for and what I offer are a good fit. 

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