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Annemarie Milisen
Annemarie Milisen
Annemarie Milisen
Annemarie Milisen

I work with business professionals, organizations and companies to create engaging, entertaining, and immediately applicable nutrition and health content.

My typical clients are VERY smart, and they’re crystal clear, that educating themselves (and their people) about nutrition, makes a difference to the overall health of their organization…

Thriving People = Thriving Company

If you’re someone who wants to bring nutrition to your company because you KNOW it effects happiness, performance, morale… then my talks might be for you.

As a speaker, I masterfully facilitate ‘aha’ moments for my audiences.

I take the ‘usual’ conversation of nutrition, and translate into terms that are smart AND a tad edgy.

“Annemarie is by far, one of the most engaging and dynamic speakers I’ve ever experienced.”

“I learned something so simple yet profound about my digestion. In a mere 20 minutes, Annemarie exponentially altered my world.”

Most Popular Speaking Topics

Ignite Your Inner Genius

Check the ‘Spark Plugs’ in Your Brain.
Your body and brain must have the building blocks necessary to produce and maintain healthy levels of neurochemicals. In this talk, we look at the ‘nuts and bolts’ of Nutritional Neurochemistry what it will take for you to focus longer, remember more, and EVEN wake up effortlessly. BOOM!

The Power of Cravings
Cravings are an IMMEDIATE indicator that your brain chemistry is skewed. No matter how much you try to leverage ‘will-power’ and eliminate your cravings (sugar, coffee, cheese, ice cream, wine, beer, cigarettes, extreme exercise *yes, even exercise can have a downside*…), until you support your brain, you will continue to deal with cravings. Period.

Using Neurosignature Analysis, we get to the root of what’s going on, giving you direct access to relief from cravings. *Phew!*

Look and Feel Smokin’ HOT!

Your Body as a Road Map to Health
Did you know you’re walking around with your own body ‘road map’? Here we dive into the concept of Bio-Signature Analysis, where you learn what a ‘beer belly’, ‘muffin top’, ‘back fat’ (ugh!), and other ‘problem’ areas might indicate about YOUR body. As well as what in the heck to DO about ‘it’.

BONUS: This makes for a SUPER cool (and useful!) topic around the office, and in life.

‘Got Bubbles?’- Digestive Reset
Let’s talk digestion and gut issues (think: heartburn, constipation, gas, bloating, diarrhea). NOT a very sexy topic. AND, can definitely get in – the – way if you want to feel and look your BEST. So let’s deal with this. Gut issues are fundamental indicators of nutrient malabsorption and can exacerbate symptoms of neurochemical imbalances (ex: exhaustion, lack of focus, wonky sleep patterns…).

Learn the in’s and out’s of Gut/Brain Health, and what you can do to ‘Reset’ your digestion so you can feel better NOW.


Mental/Creative Paralysis –Freeing up your Brain so you can Think and Produce Results with EASE
Feeling overwhelmed, not thinking clearly, experiencing brain fog, lack of productivity…these are all common symptoms that your brain might be ‘locked’. You see, when your brain is overloaded with things to do and manage, it’s like locking up your computer by running 100+ programs at the same time. Things slow down. And stop working *no bueno!*. Here, we dive into the why’s and how’s behind achieving optimal brain performance so you can breathe easy, think clearly, AND be productive.

This talk is designed to integrate with whatever tools you are currently using to manage your time, workload, and overall life. Giving you access to immediate relief.

How Building Momentum is Good for Your Body and Your Bottom Line:
‘To-Do’ lists that never get ‘done’. Committing to a regular exercise routine, or to eating more vegetables and less ice cream only to find your way back to your ‘old routine’ after two weeks. Science of Success… This talk digs into the world of ‘getting things done’, with an unexpectedly new and smart twist. Using the ‘Neuroscience of Success’, you’ll learn the why’s and how’s behind three steps that will have you and your team doing less…and YET, getting exponentially MORE done (what!?!). Yep. SERIOUSLY cool stuff.

BONUS: Be prepared to notice a jump in energy, enthusiasm, and effectiveness both around work and in your personal life. *YES Please!*


Want to bring a vibrant, pioneering conversation about health and wellness to your company, organization, or to your next event? Fantastic!

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