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What In The Mother Hell Do I Do???

A while back, my Aunt asked me – “So, what exactly IS it that you do as a Neurochemical Nutritionist???”

I breathe in. Think to myself, ‘Ok Milisen. Here ‘we’ go. Keep – it – SIMPLE!’

And so, I do my damnedest to explain the nuances of what I do.

As I speak, I see a certain glazed look cross my Aunt’s face as the ’simple and clear’ technical jargon wraps her brain up with a big ol’ blanket of ‘WTH?’.

She says politely, ‘It sounds interesting. But I STILL don’t really get what you do.’

My heart sinks. My body slumps. <<<<<sigh>>>>>>.

Then I say, “Yeah. I hear you. I’m still figuring out how to share what I do, in a way that makes sense.”

Fast forward to TODAY…

THIS, my first post – on my new – official *insert – trumpets sounding and angels singing* Perfect Brilliance Blog. Seems a fitting place to share, What in the ‘Mother Hell’ I do as a Neurochemical Nutritionist.

So What Do I Do as a Neurochemical Nutritionist???

I work with people like you, to reset and maintain OPTIMAL brain chemistry, so that the things you ‘know’ to do with nutrition, exercise, meditation, etc. can begin working again. Or (for some of you) can begin working for the first time.

I do this by taking what I refer to as ‘Traditional Nutrition’ and working BELOW this in the realm of ’Neurochemical Nutrition’ to impact your body and your brain.

*If that’s enough for you to know, ’Heck yeah I want me some-o-that!’. Then drop me a line lickety split. And let’s get you hooked UP.*

What IS ‘Traditional Nutrition’?

Learn more about neurochemical nutrition at PerfectBrilliance.comBasically, Traditional Nutrition (TN) is a combination of three things: food, water, and oxygen.

  • What you do/don’t eat
  • What you do/don’t drink
  • How you breathe & move/or don’t move your bod

It’s good stuff! And REALLY important.

This is where you’ll find ALL dietary theories (Paleo diet, Mediterranean, Nutritarian, Vegetarianism, Alkaline diet, Weight Watchers, Hcg diet, Fasting, Candida diet, etc.).

It can be frustrating, overwhelming, and ‘noisy’ in the realm of Traditional Nutrition, as everyone has an opinion about what you ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ be doing:

  • Eat eggs!/DON’T eat eggs
  • Kale is SO good for you!/kale is the worst food around!
  • Eat MORE protein/you’re eating TOO much protein
  • Move MORE/move LESS
  • and so on… sound familiar?

For what it’s worth, I’ve had a sh*t ton of both personal and professional experience with Traditional Nutrition.

Now, if you’re kickin’ it with Traditional Nutrition (TN), and you’re thrilled with what you’ve ‘got’ (You dig what you see when you look in the mirror. You’re free from cravings. You’re sleeping like a baby. You’re focus is sharp. You’re mind is a creative genius. You’re moods are steady. You’re libido is rockin’ it…), then keep on doing what you’re doing! Cuz – it’s – working’!

If however, you find the things you’re doing around nutrition are KINDA working; have worked for a while and now they’re not working; OR perhaps have stopped working altogether…

THIS is where Neurochemical Nutrition comes into play.

It’s not that you don’t know what to eat, drink or how to move your body.

It’s that often what you know – simply isn’t making the difference.

What is ‘Neurochemical Nutrition’?

With Neurochemical Nutrition (NN), EVERYTHING you eat, drink, think, feel, and experience creates a neurochemical shift in your brain and body.

Learn more about neurochemical nutrition at

As a Neurochemical Nutritionist, HERE is where the majority of my work with clients BEGINS. And over the years, I’ve found that doing this work FIRST has the ability to both shift things immediately, as well as create looooooooong lasting change for my clients (WHAT?!? Yep. I know. It’s sorta like the holy grail of nutrition <cue up angelic sounds and feelings of euphoria>).

SO, when you get THIS area working, then what you ‘know’ to do with Traditional Nutrition can start working again.

How do you know ‘it’s working’? Cuz you feel GOOD (energized, focused, clear, steady moods, freedom from wonky food choices and cravings, relief from body aches…).

Key to note – this isn’t about either ‘Traditional Nutrition’ or ‘Neurochemical Nutrition’. It’s about what happens when Neurochemical Nutrition gets up and UNDER what you know to do with Traditional Nutrition.

Wanna take this from conceptual to something tangible? Then be sure to check out a few client case studies about how Neurochemical Nutrition can be THE gateway to experiencing relief.

To your Brilliance!

Annemarie Milesen from

PS. Ice cream, cookies, corn chips, french fries, wine… If you’re ready to experience relief from those GD cravings, then be sure to book a Brain/Body Reboot. This sh*t will rock your world.

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  1. This is fantastico! I love knowing what you do and can’t wait to work with you on what you do, for me! I’m intrigued and I’m sure I can use what you’re ‘dishing out’.

    1. Christine! Thanks for your comment you darling!!! Love that you’re intrigued, and the idea of working with you makes my heart swell!

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