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This Might Be Your Key To FINALLY Experiencing Relief From Cravings

In my last post, I talked about Traditional Nutrition and Neurochemical Nutrition and that these two ‘puppies’ play well together.

Today, we dive down another layer into Neurochemical Nutrition and why it might be your KEY to feeling relief from cravings, digestive problems, and brain fog.


Keep on reading if:

1. You feel good. and you’re interested in feeling frickin’ AMAZING.


2. If you tell the truth, you DON’T feel good, vital, and sexy…and you’re crystal clear NOW is your time.

Ok. So you’re implementing your own mix of traditional nutrition (eat this/don’t eat that; drink this/don’t drink that; move more/move less). AND yet…the things you’re doing are KINDA working; have worked for a while and now they’re not working; OR perhaps have stopped working altogether.

So what GIVES??? You’re doing everything right – RIGHT?

Consider this: There’s something you can’t see about the Paleo Diet, your raw foods lifestyle, etc. Something you don’t ‘know’ that is going on ‘behind the scenes’ of whatever dietary approach is supposed to be the panacea of support for you and your body (picture the curtain being pulled back by Toto, as the Great and Powerful Oz is revealed to be a regular ol’ human being, with ideas and thoughts, and theories…).

1) There is no ‘ONE’ dietary answer or approach for you or anyone *WHAT?!? I know. Radical concept right? You’re never gonna finally ‘arrive’ at your nutrition pot-o-gold*. In fact, it is COMPLETELY normal to find that eating a particular way will work for a period of time, and then you find, ‘It’s time to make a change!’ Let’s say you have LOVED eating the Paleo way. Until one day, you notice you just don’t feel as good. And you’re beginning to crave certain foods again. And you find that adding rice back into your diet – simply feels better and supports you in experiencing relief from cravings.

2) AND, this is TOTALLY ok. In fact, as you go through life, some types of foods will work for you at different periods of time. And others won’t work for you. You see, your body is changing and adapting – ALL the time. As you tune in to what has you feel good, and what doesn’t feel so good, you’ll get that you CAN’T mess up! Eat, play, explore – this is some SERIOUSLY fun research!

3) ALL of the answers are within you. And the idea is to uncover the things that perhaps you can’t see or didn’t ‘know’ about what your body is designed to do, so that you experience the relief and results you desire. This leaves you FREE to continue exploring and experiencing the process involved in feeling fantastic – for a lifetime.

Neurochemical Nutrition (remember, with Neurochemical Nutrition, EVERYTHING you eat, drink, think, and experience creates a neurochemical shift in your brain and body) is your key to feeling relief from cravings, digestive problems, and brain fog. You see, THIS is where you get your hands on the levers and dials of what it actually takes to have your food choices (no matter what dietary theory or approach you choose) produce the results you’re looking for when it comes to your body and overall health.

The whole idea here is to leverage Neurochemical Nutrition so that it can get up and UNDER Traditional Nutrition, and give you relief from cravings, digestive problems, and brain fog.

How Neurochemical Nutrition works to give you relief from cravings.

Ok. So, now that the curtain is pulled – let’s look at what is ACTUALLY behind the curtain.

Experience relief from Cravings, Digestive Problems, and Brain Fog using the 3 Cornerstones of Neurochemical Nutrition 

How Neuronutrient Therapy could be THE key to helping you get relief from cravings.Cornerstone #1: Neuronutrient Therapy

THIS is some seriously HOT nutrition – it’s smart, effective, and FUN!

Here, we give your brain what it needs to produce the neurochemicals that keep you feeling amazing (imagine freedom from cravings, stable moods, easy laughter, healthy sleep patterns, steady energy, ease of food choices, relief from extreme stress and feeling anxious…)



How Neuronutrient therapy could be THE key to finally getting relief from cravings.Cornerstone #2: Gut/Brain Connection

What happens in your brain, effects what’s happening in your gut. And the reverse.

Supporting the connection between your digestion and brain health is imperative if you’re going to feel your best. You know this area is working when you experience relief from gas, bloating, heartburn, ease of elimination (aka freedom from constipation and/or diarrhea), your mind is clear and focused, your favorite jeans fit again…



How Neuronutrient therapy could be THE key to finally getting relief from cravings.Cornerstone #3: Brain Mechanics

Here is where we get ‘heady’ (literally!). To achieve optimal brain performance, you must support ‘mechanistically’ how the brain works.

Signs that you’re on track in this area: Your memory is sharp, it’s easy to engage with people, you find you’re getting more things done, you’re a creative machine as you generate new ideas with ease…



Each of these cornerstones impact the next.

And it depends on you, your body, and your brain as to where it makes the most sense to begin.


How Neurochemical Nutrition works to give you relief from cravings.

Wanna take this ‘key to feeling relief’ from conceptual to something tangible? Then be sure to check out a few client case studies about how the three cornerstones of Neurochemical Nutrition can be THE gateway to you experiencing relief from those nagging sugar cravings, that bothersome case of heartburn, or that foggy mind that you’ve been tolerating for WAY too long…

To your Brilliance!


PS. Ice cream, cookies, corn chips, french fries, wine… If you’re ready to experience relief from those GD cravings, then be sure to book a 7 day Brain/Body Reboot. This sh*t will rock your world.

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